In 2016, the ACG entered a memorandum of understanding with the Christchurch City Council to form the “Friends of Avonhead Cemetery” (FoAC). The FoAC works as a charitable trust whose main objective is to preserve everything that our community values about the Avonhead Cemetery – from its historic significance to its beautiful natural setting and, above all, the Earthquake Memorial.

The Board of Trustees of the FoAC meets regularly to discuss matters related to the Cemetery. Among its past and current projects are:

  • To commemorate the anniversaries of the 22 February 2011 earthquake with a “Lay a Flower” ceremony,
  • To involve the community in the maintenance and upkeep of the Cemetery,
  • To work with Council to identify issues in relation to the Cemetery and how we can resolve them,
  • To create an ongoing database that archives the history of the Cemetery, improve the facade of the Cemetery,
  • To improve the road signage for the Cemetery that makes it easier for visitors to find,
  • To upgrade the Cemetery’s facade to make it look more cared for,
  • To involve school children in the various Cemetery projects to help our future generations cherish the Cemetery as much as we do

To visit the FoAC’s website, click here.