At 12:51 pm on 22 February 2011, the most devastating earthquake that Christchurch has ever experienced struck and claimed 185 lives. Of these, four of the victims’ remains could not be found. On 21 February 2012, the Christchurch City Council unveiled the internment site (“Earthquake Memorial”). This is now the final resting place for the four victims with unfound remains. The outer circles around the Earthquake Memorial are there for the remains of the other victims of the 2011 earthquake, if that is their families’ wish.

The Earthquake Memorial makes the Avonhead Cemetery a site of international significance, as 88 foreign nationals from more than 20 countries died in the earthquake. Each year, visitors from all around the world come to pay their tributes at the Earthquake Memorial.

On the sixth anniversary of the earthquake in 2017, representatives of the Sonoda Womens’ University from Hyogo, Japan held a minute’s silence and laid flowers at the Earthquake Memorial with local residents.

The FoAC is committed to safeguarding the sanctity of the Earthquake Memorial and commemorating its significance with the local community and international visitors so that the memories of those who lost their lives in the 2011 earthquake remains fresh in our minds.

22 February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake Victims

Not all victims were interred in the area of the Memorial for the Earthquake at Avonhead Memorial Cemetery

Listed in alphabetical order and nationalities

(Many descriptions have been taken from newspaper articles)

New Zealanders and British

Jane-Marie Alberts aged 44 years of Christchurch.  Partner of Derek, and mother of Jackson and Sam.

Dr. Husam Sabar Al-Ani aged 55 years, a New Zealand citizen from Iraq – a team youth leader.

 Jayden Brytane Andrews-Howland – 15 years old.  A Linwood College student of Aranui.  His parents were Helen and John.

Linda Isobel Arnold aged 57 years of Christchurch – born in Te Puke and she had 2 sons.   Linda was killed in her car while driving down Colombo Street.

Pamela Christina Barkle  aged 72 years of Christchurch.   Died after the main quakes.

Matthew Lyle (Matty) Beaumont aged 31 years – a programme scheduler for CTV.   Previously did children’s programmes.   His headstone (No.60 south side) reads: “For ever loved Matty, Matthew Lyle Beaumont  17 June 1979 – 22 February 2011.   Darling son of David and Jeanette, loved fiancé of Kelly.   His charm, his smile and laughter gladdened the hearts of those who had the privilege of loving him”

Dr. Dominic Joseph Gerard Bell  aged 45 years, previously from Auckland – was in the CTV building.   He was a son of the late Theo and Kate, and partner of Alison.

Heidi Julie Berg  aged 36 years.   English teacher in the CTV building,   Her headstone (No.42 south side) reads:  “6 October 1974 – 22 February 2011.   Our loved and loving daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunty and friend.   Killed with staff and her students in the collapse of the CTV building.   Interred at Harewood Memorial Gardens.  Always missed”.   She was the daughter of Julie and Alan Berg.

 Carey Stuart Bird  aged 48 years – a New Zealander now living in Australia.   His headstone (No.60 north side) reads:  “In loving memory of Carey Stuart Bird 9 September 1962 – 22 February 2011.  Intered Castlebrook Cemetery, Sydney.   Loved husband, father, son, brother, friend and colleague.   A creative, intelligent, witty man brave to the end”.  [guitar and camera etched into the stone].   He was the husband of Jan (nee Early), a son of  Fran and Don Bird of Palmerston North  and formerly from Dunedin.

Andrew James Llewellyn Bishop (know as ‘Bish’)  aged 32 years.  He was born on 6 December 1977.    His  parents were Lindsay and Karen, sister Anita, and his son Tyler 6 years old.   Partner of Amber Lucas.   Employed as a cameraman for CTV – loved the outdoors.

Nina Jane Bishop  aged 32 years.   Relation Services Administrator in the CTV building.   Her family was the centre of her life.   Nina was the daughter of Vivienne  and she also had a sister.

Iris Botting   aged 88 years of Christchurch, was the wife of Norman Botting and Richard Hansen (both deceased).  Iris died after the quakes.

Pamela (Pam) Maree Brien  aged 54 years of Christchurch.   Her headstone (No.69 south side) reads “Pamela Maree Brien – Pam – 28 March 1956 – 22 February 2011.   Loved wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Rest in Peace”.   Geoffrey was her husband and she was the mother of Amie.  Pam’s parents were Vivi and the late Jack Cave.

Rhys Frank Brookbanks aged 25 years of Christchurch.   Rhys’ headstone (No. 104 south side) reads:  “Forever in our hearts.   Rhys Frank Brookbanks 16 June 1985 – 22 February 2011.   Beloved fiance’ of Esther.   Much loved son and brother of the Brookbanks family.   Keenly missed son and brother in law of the Jones family”.   It had been Rhys’ first week at work and he was fond of writing poetry.  His parents were Alan and Fran Brookbanks.

Melanie Jane Brown  53 years of Christchurch was in the Pyne, Gould Guinness building.   She was an insurance broker, and  wife of Steve.   Melanie’s headstone (No 53 north side) reads: “Our lovely Mel.   Melanie Jane Brown (nee Gentle) 19 September 1957 – 22 February 2011.   In our hearts for ever.” [Pink roses are etched into her stone.]

Henry Ross Bush aged 75 years.   A bricklayer and an avid cyclist.  Was a New Zealand Representative when younger.  Brickworks fell from a building in Riccarton Road  onto his car while he was seated in it.

Ian Neville Caldwell aged 47 years.   A builder working in Sumner, and his wife was Julie.   He was the youngest son of Joy and Graham Caldwell.

Helen Margaret Chambers aged 44 of Christchurch. Was the wife of the late Ted Chambers. Helen was a keen netball player, and had been the President of the Catholic Intergrated Primary Schools Parents Council.   She is buried in Motueka

Susan Patricia Chuter aged 52 years.   Mother of Aaron Waine.   She was a CTV Sales Representative. Susan’s headstone (No.99 south side) reads: “Susan Patricia Chuter – October 21 1958 – February 22 2011.   Rest in peace Susie Blu, we will never forget your smile, your warmth and most of all the love you shared with us all.   You’re still the greatest Mum in the world.   Sadly missed by your three proud sons Aaron, Matthew and Guy.   Loved by friends and considered  family to whom you loved.   We all miss and love you dearly.   May your embers never fade.   Rest now and fly free.”  Susie had been involved with netball since 1996 and was a life member of the Marist Albion Club. Headstone (No.100 south side next to Susan’s) Iris Rosina Herbert, wife of Maurice.   Born in the United Kingdon 16 July 1930 passed away 14 August 1991. Loved mother of Gillian and Susan Chuter, To live in the hearts of others – is not to die”.

Stephen Cochrane  43 years old from Bromley, Christchurch.   He was a cabinet-maker. Stephen’s headstone (No.50 north side) reads: “Steve Cochrane 22 February 2011 aged 43 years.   Loved forever by all his family”.  Stephen’s wife was Tania and they had a daughter.   He was the son of Marie and the late Phil. Cochrane.  He was buried at Ruru Cemetery.

Philip Graeme Reeve Coppeard aged 41 years, husband of Susan Craig.  He lived at Redcliffs.  His parents were Barry and Barbara.   Philip died on a bus when he was heading to the University for a lecture.   He had come from Suffolk in England.


Patrick John Coupe aged 46 years of Christchurch was the husband of Joanna and the son of Sally and Michael Coupe. “He was passionate about life, his work and even more so, his children,” his family said.   His headstone (No.52 south side) reads:  20 January 1965 – 22 February 2011.  For ever in our hearts.”

Donald Ashby Cowey  aged 82 years of Christchurch.   Donald’s wife was Jocelyn.

Andrew Christian Ross Craig aged 46 years.   A bus driver on duty.   Andrew was from Nelson and son of the late Ross and Gwynne.   He had also attained a horticulture diploma.

John Barry Craig aged 67 years.  Known as Barry.   His wife was Val, and son of Teresa and John Craig.   His headstone (No.52 north side) reads: “Craig John (Barry) 30 March 1943 – 22 February 2011.  Most dearly loved husband , dad and granddad.   Valla Aileen 28 July 1944.” His children Andrew. Mark, Vanessa, Jacob and Amanda.  Barry had been working in the PGG building the day of the earthquake.

Estelle Marie Cullen aged 32 years of Christchurch.  Was in the PGG Building where she worked for Perpetual Trustees.   Her headstone (No.66 south side) reads: “Forever young.   Stelly.  Estelle Marie Cullen 14 November 1978 – 22 February 2011.   Extraordinary daughter, sister, partner and friend.   Our memories are precious and our love is love for ever..”   Partner of Jacob and daughter of  Lloyd and Jocelyn.

Dr Tamara Cvetanova  aged 42 years from Serbia now a Christchurch resident.  She was the wife of Srecko (Alec) and mother of Katerina and Todor.   Tamara, a qualified Pediatrician, was attending an English class in the CTV building.

Betty Irene Dickson aged 82 years of Christchurch,   She died while ordering fish and chips in a Worcester Street shop.  Betty was the wife of the late Ian Dickson.

Joanna Clare Didham aged 35 years.   Her family, husband Michael, daughters Madison 8 and Jessie 3 and parents Lorraine and Geoff. Beveridge.    Joanna had been working for CTV 13 years.

Jennifer Ann Donaldson aged 55 of Christchurch was the wife of Robb and daughter of Oscar and Daphne Erickson.  Her children being Brent and Marie

Paul Clarence Dunlop aged 67 years, of Christchurch.  He and his wife Sue, had four sons.  An Optometrist who qualified in 1965.   President of the College of Optometrists.   Paul had been an organist for many years.   He was recovering the organ from the Durham Street Methodist Church when the earthquake hit.

Dian Mary Falconer  aged 54 years, a Receptionist.

Adam Stephen Fisher.  27 years who worked for Perpetual Trustees in the PGG building.   He came from Belfast.   His fiance’ was Becky and he was a son of Gaye and Stephen.   Adam’s son was born 10 days after he died.

Maureen Valerie Fletcher  aged 75 years of Christchurch and lived in Sydenham.   Sons – Rodney, Jeff and Malcolm.   She was a spiritual person.   A roof of a building had collapsed on her.   Maureen was buried at Ruru Cemetery.

Ian Foldesi  aged 64 years of Christchurch.   Ian had been walking in the Port Hills.

Samuel Reese Gibb aged 27 years.   His wife was Cindy and he was a son of Carol and Laurence Gibb.   Samuel was a CTV journalist.

Jaime Robert McDowell Gilbert  aged 22 years (Known as ‘Jim Jam’), partner of Natalie O’Brien, his children were Levi 2 and India aged 6 months.   Parents – Vicki McDowell and Robert Gilbert.   Jaime was a barman at the Iconic Bar on the corner of Manchester and Gloucester Streets.   A talented young actor and musician.   He was buried at the Wairewa Cemetery.   (His headstone (No.41 north side at Avonhead reads: “James Robert McDowell Gilbert 14 July 1988 – 22 February 2011.   Devoted father of Levi and India Gilbert.   Dearly loved and remembered by all who knew him.   E kore au e ngaro;  he kakano i ruia mai i Rangiatea.”

Joanne (Jo) May Giles aged 60 years.  A  TV. Presenter.   Jo had been a New Zealand representative at two Oceania Games and World Cup for pistol shooting.   She was a jockey, a motor sport enthusiast and enjoyed rock and roll competitions.   She  had also been an unsuccessful candidate for the Mayor of Christchurch in 2007.

Baxter Warwick Gowland  aged 5 months.   His mother was Breanna Gowland.

Elizabeth Jane Grant  aged 51 years, formerly Pike nee Ross.  Her husband was Mike.   Jane had two children Christina and Nicholas.  She was a Nurse in the CTV building.   She was known as Jane and lived at Belfast.   Jane’s headstone (No.65 south side) reads: “In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane Grant (nee Ross)  30 June 1959 – 22 February 2011   Much loved mother, wife and friend.   Tragically taken.   Interred at Gladstone Cemetery, Greymouth. ‘When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”.

Natasha Sarah Hadfield  aged 38  years and from Kaiapoi.   Natasha was the owner of Wicks Fish shop in Worcester street.   Her husband was Geoffrey and daughter Jayme.

Tamara Lia Harea  aged 59 years, was the wife of Petre and mother of Nicolae and Sebastian.   She was from Romania and had lived in New Zealand seven years.   Tamara was a teacher of English at Kings Educational School.

Jayden David Harris  aged 8 months.   His relatives being his mother Tracey, ex Dad Grant Smith, sisters Stephanie aged 3 and Vanessa aged 2,  A TV set fell and killed him.

Marion Isabella McKirdy Hilbers aged 49 years.  She was a Receptionist at a Medical Practice in the CTV building.   Sons – Josh 21 and Sam 19.   Her headstone (No.49 south side) reads:  “In Loving Memory of Marion Isabella McKirdy Hilbers   8 October 1961 – 22 February 2011.   Devoted mother of Joshua and Samuel.  A daughter of William and Pauline Berry.  She touched the lives of many and will never be forgotten”.

Christopher Grant Homan  aged 34 years of Kaiapoi.  Born 15 August 1976 and son of Doug and Yvonne Miller. He was crushed by falling masonry in the City Mall.

Amanda Jane Hooper  aged 30 years of Rolleston. was in the PGG building.  She was the daughter of Pat and Norman and wife of Ritchy.   They had 2 daughters.

Kyle Brandon Jack-Midgley  aged 27 years, went missing in the CTV building.   His headtone (No.47 south side) reads: “In loving memory of Kyle Brandon Jack-Midgley 16 October 1983 – 22 February 2011.   Loved partner of Olivia, son of Suzanne and Neil, brother of Wade, Ryan and Nathan.   Uncle of Nathan, Phoenix, Aaliyah, Trinity and Karma.   A man of honour and integrity.   You will always be loved and respected by those who have had the pleasure to meet you”.  [Kyle’s photograph bas been placed in the headstone.]

Beverley Faye Kennedy aged 60 years of Christchurch.  Faye was the wife of Brian.    Her headstone (No. 43 south side) reads: “Beverley Fay Kennedy 21 May 1950 – 21 February 2011.   In our hearts for ever.”  She as a practice nurse at the Clinic.

Wai Fong Lau – aged 87 years of Christchurch .

Normand Lee  aged 25 years, a personal trainer.   He had only just returned to live in Christchurch.   His sister was Karen.

Adrienne Isobel Lindsay  aged 54  years of Christchurch.   Adrienne worked for the “Press”.  She’d grown up in Horowhenua but called Invercargill home.   She was a keek netballer.   Her husband was Phillip and they had two sons.   Adrienne was interred in Invercargill.

Shawn Lucas  aged 40 years – unidentified – Shawn was the sports Director for CTV.   His headstone in the inner are of the memorial area reads:  “10 March 1970 – 22 February 2011” [a rose lays underneath.]

Scott William Emerson Lucy  aged 38 years – from Queenstown and was engaged to Emma Shefford. Scott had been in the Navy ten years and he also held a helicopter pilots licence.   He had worked three years for the South Island Organ Co.   He was killed while recovering the organ from Durham Street Methodist Church.

Catherine McNicol Lunney –  aged 62 years of Christchurch. She was the wife of the late Edward Lunney and the mother of Romane and Ailsa.

Donna Merrie Manning nee Gardner, aged 43 years.  A daughter of Vince and Betty Gardner and her brother is Maurice.   Donna was a Presenter and Producer for CTV.   She had two children, Lizzy and Kent.   Her headstone (No.62 south side) reads: “28 September 1967 – 22 February 2011. Proud Mum.  Treasured daughter and sister of the Gardner family. Loved by all for the light she brought into our lives. Donna’s input in our world has made sure her love and kind heart lives for ever.   An angel returned to heaven”.

Kelly Lynn Maynard  aged 43 year of Christchurch.   Her headstone (No.72 south side) reads: “With love we remember Kelly Lynn Maynard (nee Hiaca)  16 March 1967 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved wife of Mark.   Loved and adored mum of Molly and Matilda.   Cherished daughter of Dan and Pam. A great smile and friend to many.  Taken too soon, but never forgotten.”   [There is a photograph of Kelly on the headstone.]

Philip John McDonald  aged 57 years. His wife was Sharon and they had a family . Philip was the Accountant for Leech and Partners and had been with the firm since 1988.   He obtained his commercial degree at Otago University in 1976.   Philip was on the Board of Directors for the Crusaders and a former Chairman of the Mid Canterbury Rugby Union. He enjoyed sailing and skiing. Philip resided in Ashburton.

Matthew Stuart McEachen   Aged 25 years, a Tattooist.   Matthew attended Papanui High School and also the Design and Art College in New Zealand.   Matthew’s headstone (No.70 south side) reads: “Matthew Stuart McEachen  9 Feb 1986 – 22 February 2011.   Dearly loved son of Jeanette and Bruce. Treasured brother of Sarah.   Live for today as tomorrow is promised to no-one.  A brilliant artist, barista, tattooist and musician.  Loved by everyone who knew him”.

(Eoin) Owen Thomas McKenna  aged 40 years, husband of Sarah and they had two children, Grace aged 6 and Tadgh aged 5.   A psychiatric nurse. Owen had arrived in New Zeakand six years ago from Ireland.

Teresa McLean  nee Elms.  Aged 40 years.   Teresa’s husband was Alister and they had two children aged 2 years and 9 months.   Teresa was born in England, and was a receptionist at the Clinic in the CTV building. She lived in Kaiapoi and her parents reside in Hawarden.   Her headstone (No.64 south side ) reads: “Interred at Kaiapoi Cemetery.   Teresa McLean (nee Elms) 7 February 1971 – 22 February 2011.   A very special and much loved daughter of Mavis and Tim. Miss you every single day.”

Heather Marilyn Meadows  aged 66 years.   Born on 12 November 1944, HeatherCame to New Zealand when she was 11 years old. She had trained in the Army when younger. She too was in the CTV building.

Janet Dawn Meller aged 58 years.   Janet was an Osteopath at the Clinic at the CTV building and she also worked in the Sumner Medical Centre. She was the mother of James and Henry and the partner of Denis Maddever.   Janet had a shop known as the Shabby Clinic and also sold goods at the Lyttelton Market.   The clothes she made had the label “Revised”.

Adrienne Meredith  aged 36 years, of Christchurch , was the daughter of Anita and Paul Meredith.

Kelsey Sinitta Moore  aged 18 years and her baby Taneysha Gail Rose Prattley only 5 weeks old. They had been in Manchester Street with her partner Glen Prattley.  ( Plot No.67 north side) reads: “ Forever in our hearts.  Kelsey born 28 July 1992  Taneysha born 17 Jan 2011 – 22 February 2011. Loving daughter, sister, grand daughter, niece of Jason, Adie, Logan, Flynn, Maia.   Love you to the moon and back. Till we meet again. Forever young, forever Tuesday.”

Jillian Lesley (Jilly) Murphy  48 years.  Her partner was Richard Green and she had two children Taylor 17, and Bond 15.   Jilly had come from Tauranga and now worked as an Air Traffic Controller in Christchurch. Her headstone (No.48 north side) reads: “Murphy, Jillian Lesley 15 September 1962 – 22 February 2011.   Dearly loved daughter of John and Laura, adored Mum of Taylor and Bond, loving partner of Richard Green   Fly free Jilly.”

Melissa Ann Neale  aged 41 years, a twin from Island Bay, Wellington.

Blair James O’Connor  aged 34 years of Christchurch was interred at Harewood Crematorium Gardens.   This headstone (No. 57 south side) reads: ”Blair James O’Connor  21 September 1976 – 22 February 2011.  Loved and devoted husband of Marie. Much loved father of Charlotte and Caleb.   Cherished son of Bryan and Jan, loved brother of David.  Rest in peace.”

John Joseph O’Connor  40 years of age. Leaving Sarah, his wife who was pregnant and also a son, Dan.   John was an accountant in the PGG  building and was from Abbeydorney in Ireland.   He was the son of Sheila and Daniel O’Connor in Ireland.

Linda Rosemary Parker aged 50 years of Christchurch.

Joseph Te Hau Pohio  aged 40 years, son of Arnold and Joy of Kaiapoi and sister Hayley.   Joseph had his education at Woodend School and St Bedes College.   He  worked for the Christchurch City Council.  Joseph died while sheltering a lady in a wheel chair at a food court.   He had been a member of a Civil Defence Volunteer Team for 20 years.   Joseph enjoyed BMX cycling and playing his guitar and drums.   He enjoyed blues, reggae and rock music.

Deborah Anne Roberts  aged 39 years of age.   She was an Accountants Manager at Kings Educational College at the CTV building.   Her headstone (No. 43 south side) reads: “Deborah Anne Roberts  21 June 1971 – 22 February 2011.   Dearly loved and cherished.  For ever in our hearts.”   She had intended to be married to Brendan Baker in 2011.   Deborah was a very positive and supportive person.  Her parents were Grant and Lorraine and she had two sisters.

Joseph Stuart Routledge  aged 74 years of Sumner,  Christchurch.   He was known as Stuart.These two had been childhood sweethearts.

Lucy Routledge aged 74 years of Christchurch.

Jeff Pelesa Sanft  aged 32 years, who was a passenger on the bus which was damaged.   He was the son of Jeff and Chris and he had a daughter. Hazel.  His occupation was a driver.

Gillian Sayers, aged 43 years.   A Kings Educational College teacher from Liverpool, England who came to New Zealand in 1974.   Her partner of 15 years, was Matthew Boyce.  Gillian was the daughter of the late Joe and Lucy Sayers.

Susan Lyn Selway  aged 50 years.   Born in New Zealand but moved to England as a child.   When she returned  to N.Z. she worked for the Christchurch City Council Communications Unit as a Clinical Psychologist.   She also had her own private practice and lectured at Canterbury University.   Susan was Chairman of the STOP Trust and on the Tertiary Education Council for top achiever doctoral scholars.   Susan’s headstone (No.68 south side) reads: “Susan Lyn Selway   1 January 1961 – 22 February 2011.  Beloved wife of Richard Austin.   Dearly loved daughter and sister.   The light you leave behind lies on the paths we walk.   You gave of yourself always yet asked for so little.    We miss your smile, your wit, your style.   And we wonder what yet might have been.   A gift, you live for ever is our hearts and in every moment our thoughts.  You inspire us all.”

Emma Shaharudin  35 years of age, from Lincoln.  Emma has been interred at Lincoln Cemetery.   This headstone (No.56 south side) reads: “Emma Shaharudin 12 December 1975 – 22 February 2011.  Dearly loved partner of Paul, daughter of Mandy and Shahar, sister of Melanie and David, aunty and friend.”

 Dr. Allan Alexander Sinclair 45 years of age, was in the CTV building.   He was the son of the Alan and Isobel Sinclair and the husband of Frances and they had two sons.   Allan helped the Salvation Army programme to help people leaving prison (English born).

Elizabeth Sinclair aged 76 years of Christchurch.  Was the daughter of  Rita and Frank O’Brien.  Her name was recorded a year later but the earthquake had affected her life.

Christopher Patrick Smith aged 48 years, and from Leeston.  His wife was Liz and they had 4 boys.   Christopher was raised in Timaru but had his schooling at St Thomas’.   He loved rugby where he played on the wing but later became a coach and manager.   He was also involved with Cubs and Scouts.

Christine Patricia (Trish) Stephenson was 62 years of age and from Fendalton, Christchurch.  She was a temporary nurse at the Clinic.

Reta Stewart aged 81 years of Christchurch, died on 23 February from the trauma of the earthquakes.

Beverley May Stick  aged 71 years of Christchurch.  Parents of Raemon and Eric Greenwood and Nicholas and Amanda Stick.

Earl Nicholas Stick aged 78 years of Christchurch

Neil Glyn Stocker aged 58 years.   Neil’s  wife was Margaret and they had a son and a daughter.    He had worked for the South Island Organ Co since 1968.   He was a keen cyclist and tramper.   Neil was helping to recover the organ from the Durham Street Methodist Church.

Michael Stuart Coulter Styant  41 years of age of Christchurch.   Husband of Rachel and family.

Brian Warrington Taylor  Aged 66 years.  The husband of Prue and father of Hamish and Ben. He was the Managing Director of Kings Educational College. Brian bad spent 22 years teaching science in Secondary Schools including Lincoln High School.   Brian was also a Lecturer at Christchurch Teachers Training College and a Director of the NZ Science Centre for 15 years.    His wife was Prue and son Hamish cycled into the city and waited all night to find out if he was still alive.

Te Taki (Wally) Tairakena  60 years of age and his wife was Donna.   Wally had been a freezing worker and worked on rubbish trucks for some years. He had been a good handyman but became a teacher at Kings Educational School.  Wally played in bands and was a good drummer.

Isaac James Thompson 21 years old.   Worked at CTV.   Isaac loved music and played the bass guitar.   His headstone (No.58 south side) reads: “1 October 1989 – 22 February 2011 a wonderful young man. Cherished son of Rod and Rebecca. Dearly loved brother of Christiana and Matt, Josiah and Briar and Ryan.  Tragically killed in the CTV building. We miss your talents, your kindness and your cheeky smile. Goodbye Isaac, until we meet again.”

Desley Ann Thomson  aged 32 of St Albans, Christchurch.   Born 7 April 1978 to Ross Thomson and Rae.  Desley worked in logistics for an International Company.

Lesley Jane Thomson  aged 55 years of Christchurch. Mother of Liv, Scott and Alex, and daughter of David and Kate.

Gregory James Tomlin  25 years of age came from North Yorkshre..   Worked at Joes’s Garage.   He’d been a British soldier and also a chef. Gregory was possibly on a working holiday.

Shane Robert Tomlin, aged 42 years, of Christchurch.   Shane was working as a pastry baker at the Trocodero Bakery in Cashel Mall.   He was taken to hospital on a piece of plywood on the roof of a Police car as he was seriously ill but he died from internal injuries.   His headstone (No.45 south side) reads: “For ever loved 6 January 1969 – 22 February 2011.  Our loving son and brother.  In our hearts always.”   His parents were Doreen and Bernie and it was known Shane was a shy man.

Elsa Torres De Frood  aged 53 years.   From Peru and her family reside in Perth.   She was a Director of Studies at Kings Educational School.   Elsa had a husband and twin daughters.   She had NZ residency.   Sadly she was not identified.   Her headstone in the inner memorial area reads: “ 15 March 1957 – 22 February 2011.

The greatest wonders man can build, will all in time decay, But the wonder of a Mother’s love, Will never fade away. The song has ended but the melody lingers on.   From all of us you’ve shined upon.”

Valeri Volonov  aged 41 years, of Russia and he had NZ residency.   Valeri was also not identified.   His head stone is in the inner memorial area and reads: “5 June 1960 – 22 February 2011”. [Followed by a Russian inscription.]

Graham Weild  76 years of age. These two were husband and wife.

Joan Dorothy Weild  76 years old of Christchurch

Lisa Patricia Willems  aged 43 years of Christchurch.   Lisa’s maiden name was Smith she was born on 4 August 1967 and married Bernard Willems in 1987.   She was found in her car in Manchester Street.

Julie Kathryn Wong  aged 37 years of Christchurch (Dual NZ and UK Citizen)   She was the mother of Ethan and wife of David.   She was the daughter of Eunice and Robin.

Murray John Wood  aged 56 years.   Managing Director of CTV.   Father of 6 children.   He loved music and was an excellent pianist.   His headstone (No.41 south side) reads. “In loving Memory of Murray John Wood  29 July 1954 – 21 February 2011.   Dearly loved husband of Nicki.   Dearly loved father of Bradley, John, Kimberley, Mark, Adam and Ben.   For ever in our hearts. ‘If music be the  food of love, play on’”.

Owen Morris Wright  aged 40 years of Christchurch.   He was helping people over the Port Hills on the day of the earthquake but was struck by a bolder.   He owned a joinery factory.   His wife was Megan and children Sarah 6 and Eric 8.   He was a son of Faith and Tony Wright.

Stephen Robert Wright  aged 46 years.  A CTV Marketing Manager who enjoyed photography.

Paul Khye Soon Wu  aged 60 years of Christchurch (Dual NZ and Malaysian citizen.)  Paul was the husband of Nancy and they had a family. Paul had been working in the CTV building.


Dr. Maysoon Mahdi Abbas  aged 61 years. She trained in Baghdad and came to New Zealand in the mid 1990’s. Her headstone (No.53 south side) reads: “In memory of our beloved wonderful wife, caring Mum and kind grandmother. Dr. Maysoon Abbas lost her life on 22 February 2011 due to the earthquake in Christchurch. Please pray for her and wish her to rest in peace in heaven.”

Christian Carazo-Chandler aged 35 years.  The son of Pedro and Faye.    A teacher at Kings Educational School.   He has also taught in the United Arab Emirates, Korea and Indonesia.  Christian had only just entered the building when the quakes struck.

Rachel Elizabeth Conley aged 27 years from America.

Marielle Faladeau aged 60 years and from Canada. She was a nurse holidaying in Christchurch. Marielle was shopping in the city when the quakes struck.

Sandra Hll also known as ‘Jen Jin’ aged 34 years and came from Malaysia.

Gabi Ingel aged 22 years from Israel.

Hsin Hung Lee aged 32 years.   She was a nurse from Taiwan.

Ofer Levy aged 22 years from Israel.

Ofer Binyamin Mizrahi  aged 22 years.  An Israeli backpacker.

Amanda Jayne Uriao  38 years old.  Also known as Mandy.   She was attending Papanui High School and was visiting the Cathedral.   Her headstone (No.72 north side) reads: “Our bubbly Mandy with the kindest heart and the warmest smile.  Treasured wife of Ngati and the proudest loving Mum of Samara and Jayden.   Forever kept safely in the hearts and thoughts of family and friends.   You are loved and kept safely in the hearts and thoughts of family and friends.   You are loved and missed so much by us all.   xoxox  Walk with the angels beautiful girl xoxox.” [There is a photo and an etched flower on the headstone.] 

Sisi Xin  28 years of age. An Otago University student studying to be a dietition.   She planned to marry in 2011.  Her headstone (No.76 north side) reads: “In loving memory of Sisi Xin.”

Didem Yaman  aged 31 years and from Turkey.  A University of Otago PhD student.

Gil Hwan and Naon Yu  Sisters aged 23 and 21 years, who were language students from Korea attending Kings English School.


Lalaine Collado Agatep  38 years of age.  A Phillipino studying at Kings English School to become a nurse.   She had only been in Christchurch two days.

May Louise Anne Bantillo Amantillo.   A 23 year old nurse from the Phillipines who was in the CTV building, attending Kings Educational English School.

Emmabelle Cahahug Anoba.   A 26 year old Phillipino nurse who was studying at the CTV Kings English School.

Valquin Descalsota Bensurto aged 23 years.  He was a Phillipino.   His headstone (No.104 south side)  reads: “Our beloved Valquin Descalsota Bensurto  26 August 1987 – 22 February 2011.   Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.   We love you Toto Val.   Your loving family and friends.”

Ivy Jane Cabunilas  33 years old.   A Phillipino at Kings English School.

John Kristoffer Villegas Chua  aged 24 years.   A Phillipino who had only been in New Zealand two days.

Jewel Jose Francisco  aged 26 years, training to be a nurse in New Zealand.

Ezra Mae Sabayton Medalle  aged 24 years, also a Phillipino.   Ezra’s headstone (No.86 north side) reads: “Ezra Mae Medalle  7 December 1986 – 22 February 2011.  To my beloved daughter, I love and I miss you so much …….. and sadly missed by all your family in the Phillipines”.

Erica Avir Reyes Nora  aged 20 years.  A Phillipino nurse.

Jessie Lloyd Albaracin Redoble  aged 30 years. He was a qualified nurse studying English and from the Phillipines.

Rhea Mae Sumalpong  aged 25 years from the Phillipines – unidentified. Her headstone is in the inner area of the Memorial reads “7 June 1985 – 22 Feb 2011.   You gave us wonderful memories and left foot prints on our hearts.   From family, friends and relatives”


Marina Arai – aged 19 years.

Yuki Hamasaki – aged 23 years.

Yuki Hasumoto – aged 22 years.

Yumiko Hata – aged 29 years.

Miki Hayasaka  Aged 37 years, A nurse on her second trip to New Zealand.

Yuko Hirabayashi – aged 28 years.  A nurse.   Her headstone (No.83 north side) reads: “Ms Yuko Hirabayashi, midwife from Japan.”  [There is also engraved artwork]   A cross is with the headstone and has 21 December 1982 – 22 February 2011.

Yoshiko Hirauchi – aged 61 years.

Megumi Horita – aged 19 years.

Hifumi Hoshiba – aged 41 years, also a nurse.

Haruki Hyakuman – aged 27 years.   He was wanting to be a nurse and studying English in the CTV building.  Haruki’s headstone (No.104 south side) reads: “Haruki Hyakuman  27 May 1983 – 22 February 2011    Beloved son of Michiyo and Kanji, Japan.   Your happy smile is always in our hearts.”

Rika Hyuga – aged 30 years who loved to play soccer and was from Chufu, Japan.   Rika’s headstone (No.80 north side) reads: “We will love you always, Rika Hyuga  23 April 1980 – 22 February 2011.”   (Japanese writing is underneath and four fish are etched into the stone)

Toshiko Imaoka – aged 34 years – a nurse.

Tomoki Ishikuro – aged 19 years, a male nurse.

Kayo Kanamaru – aged 19 years.

Kyoko Kawahata – aged 20 years.

Saori Kikuda – aged 19 years.

Yasuhiro Kitagawa – He was aged 39 years.  His headstone (No.71 north side) reads: “Yasuhiro Kitagawa 23 June 1971 – 22 February 2011 Journalist.” [Japanese writing on the lower section and on the right hand side]

Emi Murakami – aged 19 years.

Norika Otsubo – aged 41 years – a nurse.

Saya Sakuda – aged 19 years.

Yoko Sakurai – aged 27 years.

Yoko Suzuki – aged 31 years – a nurse.

Hiroko Tamano – aged 43 years – a nurse.

Asuka Tsuchihashi – aged 28 years – a nurse.

Yurika Uchihira – aged 19 years.

Ayako Yamaguchi – aged 30 years, a nurse.  The headstone (No.77 north side) reads: “19 December 1980 – 22 February 2011.”

Mina Yamatani – aged 19 years.

Saki Vokota – aged 19 years.


Thanydha Intarangkun – aged 36 years.

Phimphorn Liangchuea – aged 41 years.

Haruthaya (Jenny) Luangsurapeesakul – aged 32 years.  A charge nurse in oncology and was an English language student.

Wanpen Preelang – aged 45 years.

Jittra Waithayatadapong – aged 40 years.

Siriphan Wongbunngam – aged 27 years. Came to New Zealand to learn English


(These headstones are on the south side of the Memorial – all the headstones have photographs and Chinese inscriptions.)

Yu Cai  aged 35 years – a nurse.   Her headstone (No.83) reads: “In loving memory of Cai Yu  4 November 1979 – 22 February 2011.  Loving and missing you forever.  Dearly loved wife of Xu Bing.  Loved mother of Xu Yi Ming.”

Yang Chen  aged 29 years.   She had one child.  Her headstone (No83.) reads: “In Loving Memory of Chen Yang (Sunny)  4 February 1982 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved wife of Hou Rui Ghang. Loved mother of Hon Yi Chen. Rest in peace.”

Xiling Han  aged 25 years – known as ‘Vi Vi” – a nurse.

Wen He  aged 25 years – a nurse.  Her headstone (No.84) reads: “In loving memory of He Wen (Wendy)   12 August 1985 – 22 February 2011   Dearly loved daughter of He Ling Yuan and Le Chou Lau.  Loved sister of He Ting, He Xia and He Jun.  Rest in peace.”

Siwen Huo – aged 28 years.

Man Jin – aged 26 years.

Chang Lai – aged 27 years – a nurse.

Jin-Yan Leng – aged 30 years, known as “Vicky” – a nurse. Her headstone (No.78) reads: “In loving memory Leng Jin Yan 24 December 1980 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved daughter of Chu Xi Ling.   Loved wife of Chen Xian Ge. Rest in peace.”

Wan Ju Li – aged 44 years – known as ‘Julia’ – a nurse. Her headstone (No.81) reads: “In loving memory of Leng Wan Ju  6 April 1966 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved wife of Cui Ming Yi.  Rest in peace.”

De Ll – he was aged 18 years.  The son of Luxia Liao and Xinan Li.

Xia Ll – aged 42 years.  Her headstone (No.73) reads: In loving memory of “Lixia (Olive)  3 July 1968 – 22 February 2011. Love you forever.   Dearly loved daughter of Li Jun Jie, Yang Guo Xian. Loved sister of Li Hong, Li Jian, Liu Lei. Rest in peace.“

Hui Yun Tu – aged 22 years.  She was a nurse.   Her headstone (No.85) reads: “In loving memory of Tu Hui Yun  5 September 1988 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved daughter of Tu Bo and Chen Li Qin.   Rest in peace.”

Limin Wang – aged 32 years, also a nurse. Her headstone (No.76) reads: “In loving memory Wang Li Min (Milly)   Dearly loved wife of Wang Chang Hong. Loved mother of Wang  Xin Bo. Rest in peace.”

Tao Wang – aged 29 years – a nurse.   Her headstone (No.74)  reads: “25 December 1981 – 22 February 2011.   Dearly loved wife of Wang Jian Dong.   Rest in peace.

Sisi Xia – aged 28 years. She had planned to marry in 2011.  Her headstone (No.76 north side) reads: “In loving memory of Sisi Xin.”

Lin Lin Xu – aged 26 years – a nurse.   Her headstone (No.82) reads: “In loving memory of Xu Lin Lin   8 May 1983 – 22 February 2011.  Dearly loved daughter of Xu Dong Hai and Qu Yu Zhen.”

Xiujuan Xu – aged 47 years – a nurse. Her headstone (No.77) reads: “In loving memory of Xu Xiu Juan 26 June 1966 – 22 February2011. Dearly loved daughter of Xu Dian Sheng. Loved sister of Xu Xiuru, Xu Xiuling, Xu Xuifang.   Loved mother of Li Ai Xin. Rest in peace.”

Caiying Ye – aged 27 years – a nurse.

Di-Di Zhang – aged 33 years – a nurse.   Her headstone (No.86) reads: “In loving memory of Zhang Di Di 28 April 1987 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved daughter of Zhang Jian Bing Gao Al Liu.  Loved sister of Zhang Wenhui, Zhang Wenke, Zhang Wenlong.  Rest in Peace.”

Hui Zhang – aged 34 years – a nurse.

Weiyu Zhang – aged 30 years.Her headstone (No.80) reads: “In loving memory of Zhang Wei Yu 7 November 1981 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved daughter of Zhan Shan Cheng, Guo Sin Qin, sister of Zhang Zong Yu. Rest in peace,

Yantao Zhong – aged 31 years – a nurse. The wife of Shao Yong and mother of Ziran.

Xiao-Li Zhou – aged 26 years – a nurse. Her headstone (No.79) reads:”In loving memory of Zhou Xiao Li 1 August 1984 – 22 February 2011. Dearly loved daughter of Zhou Bo, Wang Wei,   Rest in peace.”

Headstones with no plaques around the Memorial are :

South side No’s – 44, 46, 50, 51, 55, 59, 61, 63, 67, 71, 87 & 88 have partial stones, 89 to 98 no plaques, 101 to 103 no plaques

North side No’s – 42 to 47, 49, 51, 54 to 59, 61 to 66, 68, 69, 70, 73, 74 75, 78, 79, 81, 82, 84, 85, 88 to 103.